Town Commission

We are fortunate in Pembroke Park to have a Town Commission that provides many opportunities for the public to meet with it. Meetings of the Town Commission are held the first Wednesday of each month in the afternoon. These are WORKSHOPS. These Workshops are unstructured discussions. No voting can occur, but all the major discussions about each topic on the agenda will happen. The Commission spends many hours at these Workshops discussing every relevant point to an issue.

Workshops are held one week before the actual Voting Meeting, which is held in the evening starting at 7:00pm. These meetings are televised in order for all citizens to view them, even if they can not attend the Commission Meeting in person. It is at these formal meetings (the second Wednesday of each month), that formal votes are taken on all issues. You can see that the Commission has set up a schedule that should meet all of the community’s needs for civic involvement. Should you have any questions about meetings or agenda’s, please contact the Town Clerk.

Geoffrey Jacobs Mayor
Georgina Cohen Vice Mayor
Reynold Dieuveille Clerk Commissioner
Howard P Clark, Jr. Commissioner