Click here to begine the Census 2020 online formThe 2020 Census is here! Data collected in the census will inform the distribution of more than $700 billion in federal funds to states and communities each year for things like infrastructure, health care, and food assistance. It’s important that we all respond to shape the future of our communities.

It’s your turn to respond.

  • It’s quick and easy. The 2020 Census questionnaire will take about 10 minutes to complete.
  • It’s safe, secure, and confidential. Your information and privacy are protected.
  • Your response helps to direct billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities for schools, roads, and other public services.

Since 1790, the U.S. Census Bureau has conducted a census every ten years to determine the number of people living in the United States, as required by the U.S. Constitution.

We need your help to achieve a complete count in Pembroke Park for Census 2020. It is not only your civic duty and required by law, but your participation in the census affects the amount of funding your community receives, how your community plans for the future and your representation in government.

Let’s Make a Difference Together


Participating In The Census Is Easier Than Ever

There is still time to be counted. The Town of Pembroke Park NEEDS you to complete the 2020 Census. This will determine the funding levels from the federal, state and county governments to our City for the next ten years. We can’t afford to lose out on this money we so rightly deserve!

It’s fast and easy to complete. It only takes about 5 minutes. You can do it three different ways:

  • ONLINE – You can complete it online by going to You don’t need to have the 12-digit code that was sent out earlier, just put in your address.
  • BY TELEPHONE – You can complete it by telephone by calling 1-844-330-2020. You can ask to speak to someone in over 50 languages-just ask when you call.
  • BY MAIL – You can complete it by mail. The paper questionnaires are being mailed on April 8 through April 16 to those households whose response hasn’t been received by the U.S. Census Bureau. Just complete the paper form and mail it back.

By law, the information cannot be shared with law enforcement, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the Internal Revenue Service. Title 13 is clear that the data collected can only be used for statistical purposes, and your privacy is protected. Personal information obtained cannot be disseminated for 72 years.

You can visit this link and fill out the form online – it’s quick and easy: